Popular Vinyl Fence Styles for Homes

If you’re in the market for a durable fencing option that will add curb appeal to your home, look no further than a vinyl fence. Not only is this fence material long-lasting and visually pleasing, vinyl is also easy to clean and maintain. This makes vinyl both a practical and attractive choice for homeowners seeking a hassle-free fencing solution.

But deciding on a vinyl fence is just the first step. Vinyl fences come in a variety of styles, allowing for customization to match virtually any homeowner’s needs and preferences. In this guide, you’ll find a breakdown of the most popular vinyl fence styles to consider.

What Are the Advantages of a Vinyl Fence?

Vinyl fencing is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This strong thermoplastic material is both weather-resistant and extremely durable. As such, vinyl fences can hold their shape against the elements without warping. They also come in a wide range of colors and varieties — and with no staining or painting required.

You’ll have to clean this type of fence on a regular basis, as grime and mildew can accumulate over time. Otherwise, maintenance or repairs are rarely needed, which makes vinyl fencing one of the most convenient options around.

The one potential drawback is that vinyl carries a higher price tag than some other materials (such as wood or chain link). An average 4–6-foot vinyl fence costs about $15–$40 per linear foot (plus another $5–$10 per linear foot for the installation labor). However, when you take its lifespan into account, many homeowners find a vinyl fence is well worth the upfront investment.

Additionally, vinyl fences typically last between 20 – 30 years, making them a great long term investment for the security and curb-appeal of your home.

What Are the Different Types of Vinyl (PVC) Fencing?

Here are some of the most common vinyl fence styles. Which type of vinyl fence style is best for you will depend on where on your property the fence will be situated (front yard, side yard, or backyard), local regulations, the style of your home, and your personal preferences.

Picket Vinyl Fence

Of all the vinyl fence styles out there, this is one of the most classic. Picket fences are usually around 3–4 feet in height with some form of tapering or finial (decorative ornament or decorative element that sits on top of fence posts) at the end of the post. They’re usually installed in either front or side yards to mark property lines or keep out animals and trespassers. Picket fences also offer an extra layer of protection if you have small children who often play outside.

Here are a few common picket fence varieties to choose from:

Dog Ear Picket

Dog Ear Picket: This style features round corners at the top.

Closed Picket

Closed Picket: This style features a horizontal rail across the top.

Straight Picket

Straight Picket: This style features pointed corners at the top.

Scallop Picket

Scallop Picket: This style features inverted arches with a finial at the top.

Spade Picket

Spade Picket: This style features a spade-esque point at the top.

Solid Privacy Vinyl Fence

Also known as a screen-style fence, a solid privacy fence offers total security and enclosure. For this reason, it also doubles as a security fence. The vinyl panels are constructed like one seamless screen with no gaps between the rails. This creates a solid barrier that no one on the outside can see through. Privacy fences are about 6–8 feet in height, and they’re common in back or side yards. Most local regulations do not allow these fences to be installed in front yards.

Horizontal Vinyl Fence

Horizontal Vinyl Fence

Horizontal orientation is one of the newer, trendier vinyl fence styles on the market. Rather than featuring one solid panel, this fence is constructed with a series of horizontal rails attached to vertical posts. The combination of both practical function and distinctly modern look makes horizontal fencing an attractive option if you want to add a contemporary aesthetic without sacrificing privacy or security.

Ranch Rail

Vinyl Split Rail Fence

If you have a large amount of land to enclose, a split rail fence (also known as a ranch rail or a post and rail) could be just the solution. This style is common in rural areas because it forms a clear boundary line without blocking any scenic views outside the main perimeter.

Split rail fences usually feature 2, 3, or 4 spaced-out horizontal rails connected by vertical posts. In some cases, you’ll also see 2 diagonal rails that intersect each other with a horizontal rail on both the top and bottom — this is called a crossbuck split rail.

Lattice Top Vinyl Fence

Another vinyl fence style that combines flair and functionality, a lattice top fence is built with solid panels, featuring a horizontal rail of decorative lattice work across the top. This intricate woven design creates a look of refined elegance that you otherwise might not find in a more traditional privacy fence. Most lattice top fences are a minimum of 6 feet in height, so you can still maintain privacy and security.

All-Lattice Vinyl Fence

All-Lattice Vinyl Fence

If you’re into the lattice design, why not go all the way with an all-lattice fence? Instead of just a horizontal lattice accent piece, this vinyl fence style consists of lattice work from top to bottom. The fence panels are constructed from several thin rails that diagonally cross over one another in a lattice pattern. Then, each panel joins together at a solid vertical post with a decorative finial cap. The rails have small gaps between them, so your neighbors will be able to see inside to an extent — but this fence does offer semi-privacy, particularly when adorned with climbing vines.

Vinyl Pool Fence

Vinyl Pool Fence

Compared to other vinyl fence styles, this option is more about ensuring safety than maintaining privacy. Pool fences are 3–4 feet in height, and as the name suggests, they surround the perimeter of a swimming pool. In most cases, a pool fence will look similar to the average picket fence with a gate that allows you to enter and secure the enclosure.

Expert Vinyl Fence Installation

Once you determine which vinyl fence style best suits your home, hire a qualified professional service to ensure proper installation. Here at Top Rail Fence, we’re dedicated to offering only high-quality vinyl fence products installed by trained professionals. When you choose Top Rail’s premium fencing options and installation, you’re making an investment that will bring you security and peace of mind for years to come

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