Vinyl Fence Design, Customization, and Installation

From privacy fencing to classic picket designs, create perfect perimeters with vinyl fencing. Explore our selection of vinyl fence styles for durability and easy upkeep.

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Why Install a Vinyl Fence?

Why Install a Vinyl Fence?

Looking for a combo of curb-appeal, privacy, and durability? Say hello to vinyl! Our vinyl fencing is both budget-friendly and a huge value addition for your home or business. Vinyl fencing, made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC, is weather-resistant, never needs to be painted or stained, and holds its shape without splintering or warping. If you’re looking for a fence that’s low-upkeep, vinyl fencing may be the perfect choice for your property.

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

Thinking of installing a new vinyl fence for a residential, commercial, or agricultural project? Get to know the Top Rail Fence benefits.

Peace and Privacy

Explore 6’, 7’ and 8’ high panels with solid coverage for privacy.

Minimal Maintenance

PVC material resists discoloration, warping, and damage.

Curb Appeal

Shop popular colors like white, tan, and brown to match your aesthetic.

Perfect for Pools

Vinyl fencing comes in Pool Code Compliant styles.

Vinyl Fence Types

Explore privacy fencing to classic picket styles to ranch rails for large tracts of land—we create fences that are your perfect fit. You choose how to customize your vinyl fence with a variety of heights, styles, and colors.

Solid Privacy

Seamless vinyl panels are designed for complete privacy.

Lattice Top Solid Privacy

This fence provides privacy and style featuring decorative woven lattice.

Straight Picket

Featuring traditional spaced pickets, this style is a classic favorite.

Scallop Picket

This arched top picket design adds elegance to any yard.

Dog Ear Picket

"Dog-ear” rounded corners soften the straight picket style

Spade Picket

Pointed spade pickets give your fence a refined appearance.

Closed Picket

This style’s continuous top rail creates a sleek fence line.

Ranch Rail

This fence is great for defining and securing the boundaries of rural properties.


Featuring a crisscross pattern, this fence oozes rustic charm.

Our Vinyl Fence Installation Steps

From choosing your style to final assembly, your vinyl fence installation is in good hands with our experienced fencing specialists. Get to know our install process, from start to finish:



A Top Rail Fence specialist will meet with you on-site to help you choose your fence style, customize colors, review required permits and regulations, and mark your new fence boundaries with stakes and string.



After finalizing your fence plan, our team will gather material for installation including vinyl fence panels, posts, rails, concrete, and hardware.



With the plan and materials, our team will contact you to schedule installation of your beautiful new vinyl fence.



A fence specialist will start the installation process by spacing and marking post locations, digging post holes, placing and securing posts with concrete, and ensuring posts are aligned and even.



With the fence posts set, next we add rails and panels to bring your fence to life. A fence specialist will install rails, attach fence panels to rails or pickets, and ensure rails and panels are level and evenly spaced.



Our job isn’t complete until you’re satisfied. After installation, we will contact you to ensure your project went smoothly and came out exactly as planned.

Vinyl Fence FAQs

Choosing a vinyl fence for your home or business can have many benefits. Vinyl fences are popular because they are durable and low maintenance, withstanding weather elements without fading or cracking. For businesses, they can provide an attractive and professional appearance. For homes, they are great for privacy and enhance any property's aesthetics. The variety of styles and designs make vinyl fences a versatile option for both residential and commercial projects.

The initial cost of vinyl fencing can be higher than other alternatives, such as wood. Still, vinyl fencing’s impressive durability and minimal maintenance requirements make it a cost-effective choice in the long run. Your final vinyl fencing price will be influenced by factors like the fence's size, style, and installation labor. To get a clearer understanding of your project's cost, we recommend requesting a free estimate from your local Top Rail Fence.

Yes! At Top Rail Fence you can select from vinyl fencing in popular colors like white, tan khaki, clay, dark walnut, driftwood, and more. A fencing specialist can provide you with all our color options during your free estimate.

At Top Rail Fence, you can explore our selection of vinyl fencing with 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ high panels. 6’ high panels are standard for privacy fences, but you can always consult with one of our fencing specialists to choose the best fence height for you.

When you want vinyl fencing installed, your nearest Top Rail Fence can complete the job! We provide residential, commercial, and agricultural fencing services in eight states, and counting, across the US.

Yes, vinyl fences are a great choice for pools! They are water-resistant and won't warp, rust, or degrade from exposure to moisture. At Top Rail Fence, our vinyl fencing provides a secure barrier to your pool deck and comes in Pool Code Compliant styles, making it a top choice for enclosing pool areas.

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