Railing Design, Customization, and Installation

Sturdy and built for safety, dependable railings make it easier to navigate your property. Explore custom coordinated railings for your fence project at Top Rail Fence.

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Why Install a Railing?

Why Install a Railing?

Railings can play an important role ensuring safety on winding walkways, stair sets, or elevated decks. At Top Rail Fence, railings don’t just provide a secure way to navigate outdoor spaces, they are also built to last. Explore our railings designed in a range of materials for your residential, commercial, and agricultural fencing projects.

Benefits of a Railing

Thinking of installing a new fence railing for a residential, commercial, or agricultural project? Get to know the Top Rail Fence benefits.

Curb Appeal

Adds classic charm to homes, businesses, and farmland.

Safety Minded

Helps ensure safety navigating stairs, decks, and pathways.

Custom Style

Customizable by color with styles in black, white, tan, and more.

Value Booster

Adding fence railings can increase property value.

Railing Types

If you want to improve the safety of stairways, porches, balconies, and decks we can help you choose a railing that is a perfect fit. Choose how to customize your railing with a variety of materials and styles for your property.

Aluminum Railings

Durable aluminum railings add a modern look with minimal maintenance.

Wood Railings

Wood railings add support and safety to wood decks, porches, and patios.

Vinyl Railings

Sturdy vinyl porch railings are available in a variety of colors to complement any style.

Our Railing Installation Steps

From choosing materials to final assembly, your railing installation is in good hands with our experienced fencing specialists. Get to know our install process, from start to finish:



A Top Rail Fence specialist will meet with you on-site to help you choose your fence railing style, review required permits and regulations, and mark your new railing boundaries with stakes and string.



After finalizing your fence railing plan, our team will gather materials for installation including rails, railing posts, balusters, brackets, and hardware.



With the plan and materials, our team will contact you to schedule installation of your brand-new fence railing.



A fence specialist will start the installation process by spacing and marking railing post locations, attaching them to the ground, concrete, or deck surface, and ensuring railing posts are aligned and even.



With the railing posts set, next we add top and bottom rails and balusters to support your railing structure. With the railing system in place, a fencing specialist will check the stability and alignment of the final build.



Our job isn’t complete until you’re satisfied. After installation, we will contact you to ensure your project went smoothly and came out exactly as planned.

Railing FAQs

Installing fence railing enhances the safety of your property and is a great way to make stairs and elevated areas easier to navigate. Plus, railings for decks, porches, and more give your home or business outdoor spaces a finished look and boost their aesthetic appeal..

The cost to install a new railing will hinge on your chosen material, design (is it a stair railing or support railing) and the duration of the project. Requesting a free estimate from Top Rail Fence is the best way to get an idea of the price of your project. Plus, our experts can answer your questions about railing types and how to get the most value for your railing job.

We do more than just new railing installations; we also provide repair services for existing railings on your property. To start your repair, simply reach out to one of our fencing specialists.

When it's time for your new railing installation, your local Top Rail Fence team is ready to take on the job! We serve customers across the U.S. with high-quality residential, commercial, and agricultural fencing services.

Yes, we offer a variety of railings styles at Top Rail Fence. Choose from materials like wood, vinyl, and aluminum that offer sturdy support and come in unique styles to complement your deck, patio, or walkways.

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