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Choose fencing that’s all function and no fuss. Explore chain link fencing styles at Top Rail Fence to create a secure boundary around your property that’s made to last.

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Why Install a Chain Link Fence?

Why Install a Chain Link Fence?

With chain link, you have effective security made easy. When your priority is getting a protective perimeter up fast and affordably around your property, chain link fencing may be the choice for you. Chain link fencing helps keep kids and pets safe in your home backyard, adds a secure barrier for businesses, and is an effective enclosure for smaller animals on farms and ranches. With a variety of color options (green, black, and brown) and material grades to choose from, your chain link fence will become a natural extension of your property.

Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

Thinking of installing a new chain link fence for a residential, commercial, or agricultural project? Get to know the Top Rail Fence benefits.

Fast Installation

Installs easily, so you have a quality barrier on your property fast.

Minimal Maintenance

Available in tough metal designs to repel rust, rot, and damage.

Selection of Styles

Customizable by mesh size, wire gauge (6 to 12.5), and link and slat colors.

See-Through Security

With open weave options, chain link offers clear visibility to your property.

Chain Link Fence Types

From durable galvanized metal designs to tight meshes for extra security—we create fences that are your perfect fit. You choose how to customize your chain link fence with a variety of heights, styles, and materials.

Galvanized Before Weaving (GBW) Chain Link

Weather-resistant and pre-galvanized for added durability.

Galvanized After Weaving (GAW) Chain Link

Extra protection against the elements helps this fence last long.

Spectra PVC-Coated Chain Link

A great chain link for strength, custom color, and a smooth finish.

Spectra Bond Vinyl Chain Link

This style combines the toughness of chain link and vinyl coating.

Permafused Vinyl Chain Link

The ultimate choice for maximum weather resistance and longevity.

High Security/Mini-Mesh Chain Link

Tight mesh offers improved security for commercial fence designs.

Slatted Chain Link

Plastic or fabric slats improve your fence’s privacy and aesthetics.

Our Chain Link Fence Installation Steps

From choosing materials to final assembly, your chain link fence installation is in good hands with our experienced fencing specialists. Get to know our install process, from start to finish:



A Top Rail Fence specialist will meet with you on-site to help you choose your fence style, customize colors, materials, and mesh sizes, review required permits and regulations, and mark your new fence boundaries with stakes and string



After finalizing your fence plan, our team will gather material for installation including chain link fence fabric, posts, rails, tension bands, concrete, and hardware.



With the plan and materials, our team will contact you to schedule installation of your secure new chain link fence.



A fence specialist will start the installation process by spacing and marking post locations, digging post holes, placing and securing posts with concrete, and ensuring posts are aligned and even.



With the fence posts set, next we add rails and chain link fabric to bring your fence to life. A fence specialist will install the top rail, unroll and attach chain link fabric along the fence line, and ensure the chain link is taut and secured using tension bands.



Our job isn’t complete until you’re satisfied. After installation, we will contact you to ensure your project went smoothly and came out exactly as planned.

Chain Link Fencing FAQs

A chain link fence is typically made from galvanized or coated steel wire. The wire is interwoven into a diamond pattern to create the chain link “fabric” and is attached to posts to create a durable and secure fence.

Chain link fencing can be one of the least expensive and quickest fence types to install on your property. You can expect to save on materials and time for labor, but the best way to price a chain link fence installation is to request your free estimate from Top Rail Fence.

Yes! Along with new fence installations, we offer repair services for fences on your property. You can get your repair started by talking with one of our fencing specialists.

Yes, there are plenty of ways to customize your chain link fence. Choose from materials like galvanized steel to PVC-coated and vinyl-coated steel, that can be tailored to suit residential, commercial, or agricultural needs. You can also choose from different wire gauges, mesh sizes, and even add accessories like privacy slats or windscreens. Working with a fence specialist can help us nail your unique design needs and functional requirements.

Need a chain link fence company? When you’re ready to install your new chain link fence, look no further than your local Top Rail Fence! We serve customers across the U.S. with high-quality residential, commercial, and agricultural fencing services.

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Five stars

We had our fence replaced with Top Rail Fence. They are professional and provide reasonable pricing. I was kept informed each step of the way. Very happy with the results!!

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