The Right Type of Fence for Your Home

A Homeowner’s Guide Choosing the Best Materials for Your New Fence

So, you need a fence. Whether you adopted a new pet, bought a house, or just want privacy you’re your neighbors, we can help find the best fence for you.

Picking the right fence is a big decision, but you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explain some common fence options, so you can be confident you’re making the right choice.

vinyl fencing


  1. Use: Privacy, Looks, Pets, Safety
  2. Cost: Medium-High
  3. Durability: Very Durable
  4. Material Lifespan: up to 20+ years
  5. Maintenance: Low-maintenance

When you’re looking for a new fence, vinyl’s beauty, resilience, and minimal maintenance make it a top contender.

The incredibly durable plastic-based materials used to manufacture vinyl fence products won’t chip, splinter, or peel over time. They’re available in several popular color options, and you won’t have to worry about fading or discoloration.

There is an extensive selection of vinyl fencing products on the market that will complement contemporary and traditional home styles.

Repairing a vinyl fence is a breeze; just swap out the damaged panel!

The durability and versatility of vinyl fences mean they’re an excellent choice for keeping pets or children safe. A beautiful vinyl fence also boosts curb appeal and adds a layer of protection for your property.

wood fencing


  1. Use: Privacy, Looks, Pets, Security, Safety
  2. Cost: Low to Medium
  3. Durability: Very Durable
  4. Material Lifespan: up to 20+ years with proper maintenance
  5. Maintenance: Medium

There’s nothing quite like the iconic look and feel of classic wood fencing.

Wood is one of the most popular and cost-effective materials for building a fence.

Moderate maintenance is required to keep your wooden fence in good condition. Treat new fences with your favorite paint, stain, or sealant, and clean with soap and water once a year. Reapply your preferred paint or stain every two to three years to keep your fence looking great and protect it from pests and weather.

There are various types of wood used for fencing, so talk to our team and find out which is best for you. Maintenance and upkeep will depend on the wood you choose. Some commonly used woods are:

  1. Cedar
  2. Redwood or Teak
  3. Spruce

The styles and finishes available for your wood fence are nearly endless. Check out these examples to spark your creativity

A versatile wood fence is an excellent choice for homeowners with pets and children and those looking for extra privacy or additional security around their homes.

Chain link

  1. Use: Pets, Security, Safety
  2. Cost: Low
  3. Durability: Very Durable
  4. Material Lifespan: About 15 years
  5. Maintenance: Low-maintenance

Chain link fences are an affordable security solution for your home or business.

They offer outstanding durability against the elements and have a relatively low cost compared to other fencing options.

Chain link fences can be installed quickly and require little maintenance. Most chain link finishes are rust-resistant, but regular cleaning and waxing of hinges and joints will help them last. If damage occurs, you can easily replace or paint sections of the fence. Trim or prune grass or bushes around the fence to help prevent overgrowth that can cause additional damage.

Some homeowners like the visibility of a chain link fence; it lets light in and makes it easy to see what’s inside the gate. Chain link fences are ideal for containing pets and protecting your home.


  1. Use: Looks, Pets, Security, Safety
  2. Cost: Medium
  3. Durability: Very Durable
  4. Material Lifespan: up to 50+
  5. Maintenance: Low-maintenance

If you love the look of wrought iron or steel but want a more budget-friendly option, an aluminum fence might be right for you. You can’t beat aluminum’s incredible looks and longevity.

Aluminum fencing is corrosion-resistant, durable, and sustainable. It can be made from recycled materials and can even be recycled after use!

This homeowner favorite works well in almost any terrain, easily adapting to uneven ground. Aluminum fencing is elegant and functional, with many styles and colors to choose from.

Budget-friendly aluminum fences are suitable for almost any homeowner’s needs: pet and child safety, security, and curb appeal.


Installing a railing around the pool is a great measure to ensure your family is safe and secure when enjoying outdoor activities.

Railings can also add a new layer of style to any backyard – allowing you to express yourself and show off your unique outdoor oasis. If you already have a fence, you can choose from a wide variety of matching or complementary materials for your new railing.

gate and entry

Gates and Entry

Now that you know your fencing options, let’s talk about the importance of the right gates.

Consider how you plan to use your new fence. Is its primary function security, child safety, or aesthetics?

Answering these questions will help you decide how many, what kind, and what size gates you need. Pay special attention to gate locks and latches to ensure they provide the security you’re looking for.


No matter what type of gate or fence you need, we have options for every style and budget.

We’re here to help guide you through every step of the process. Top Rail Fence today to get started.

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