Residential Fence Design, Customization, and Installation

Create a beautiful and functional space for you and your family with residential fence services that elevate your home’s exterior.

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Why Install Residential Fencing

Why Install Residential Fencing

Whether you’re adding a fence to give your children and pets space to roam or trying to keep your outdoor spaces private, we have the right fence for your home. Fences add value and security to your property and provide a beautiful enclosure for entertaining guests.
With Top Rail Fence, you can count on our team to make your residential fencing projects a breeze. For residential fence installation we ensure your project is compliant with HOA rules, local regulations, and your final fence is built to last. We even handle repair and replacement work for fencing that’s already on your property. Explore our products to find the perfect fence for your family.

Uses for Residential Fencing

Residential fence designs by our team at Top Rail Fence can improve outdoor spaces all around your home. Our residential fences can:

Enhance Your Yard

Build for the curb appeal, privacy, or security of your home. 

Protect Kids and Pets

Create a safe space for kids, pets, and families to enjoy.

Finish Patios and Decks

Create well-defined outdoor living spaces for your home.

Enclose Private Pools

Add a barrier for safe, supervised access for swimmers.

Residential Fencing Types

Whether you want a traditional wood fence, secure chain link, modern aluminum, or low-maintenance vinyl, you’ll find top-of-the-line residential fencing products at Top Rail Fence.

Residential Fencing FAQs

Installing a new fence on your property only takes three steps with Top Rail Fence: 1. First, schedule a free estimate for your fencing project. 2. A member of our team with come to measure your property and help you choose the right style and type of fence for your needs. 3. After getting an estimate on your project, we’ll schedule a time to install your new fence.

The size of your home’s property, labor, and materials used will all impact your final residential fencing pricing. The best way to estimate the price of your new fence is to request a free estimate from our Top Rail Fence team. Our experts can answer your questions about fence types and how to get the most value for your fencing job.

Choosing the best residential fence for your home depends on your specific needs and preferences. For example, a chain link fence is great for straightforward security, a vinyl fence is ideal for ease of maintenance, an aluminum fence has lasting durability, and a wood fence comes in plenty of privacy options. For personalized advice for your fence project, get in touch with one of our fencing specialists who can help you choose the best residential fence design for your home.

Find a Top Rail Fence in your neighborhood! We serve customers across the U.S., and we are continuing to grow with our range of residential, commercial, and agricultural fencing services.

Yes! Along with new fence installations, we offer repair services for existing fences. You can get your repair started by talking with one of our fencing specialists.

Find Top Rail Fence Near You

Find Top Rail Fence Near You

Ready to build? Find a Top Rail Fence near you for speedy and expertly executed fence installation.

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Expert Fencing For Your Unique Needs

Expert Fencing For Your Unique Needs

You imagine it, we make it real. When you need high-quality residential, commercial, and agricultural fencing, our team of fencing specialists have the solutions. We’ll work with you to create fencing that meets the unique privacy, aesthetic, security, and safety needs you have for your property.

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