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Give your fencing the grand entry it deserves. Explore our top-tier residential, commercial, and agricultural gates and entry solutions from Top Rail Fence.

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Why Install a Gate or Entry?

Why Install a Gate or Entry?

Thinking of installing a fence? Don’t forget the gate! Enhancing style, functionality, and safety, we offer plenty of gate options using our most popular fencing materials. Whether you want easy access to your backyard, secured gates for your business property, or entries to easily access your fenced farmland, we can help you install the right gate or entry solution.

Benefits of a Gate or Entry

Thinking of installing a new gate or entry for a residential, commercial, or agricultural project? Get to know the Top Rail Fence benefits.

Curb Appeal

Creates an attractive entrywayto homes, businesses, and farmland.

Selection of Styles

Personalize your gate material, gate sizes, and mechanized options.

Controlled Access

Protects your property with secured entrances to your outdoor spaces.

Value Booster

Increases the value of your home or business.

Gates and Fence Types

From creating secure gates for homes and businesses to building inviting entryways—we can help you find a gate that is your perfect fit. You choose how to customize your gate or entry with a variety of material, styles, and functions.

Driveway Gates

Create an attractive driveway entrance with swing and slide styles.

Chain Link Single Swing Gate

This chain link gate style is convenient for foot traffic and small entries.

Chain Link Double Swing Gate

Choose a chain link gate made with extra space for vehicles and large entrance needs.

Wood Single Swing Gate

Add charm with a wood entryway for visitors to your home or business.

Wood Double Swing Gate

This wooden gate gives wider access and blends with the style of your wood fence.

Vinyl Single Swing Gate

Easy to maintain, this single-entry gate adds style to any property.

Vinyl Double Swing Gate

This style is lightweight and easy to maneuver as a double gate entryway.

Aluminum Single Swing Gate

Sleek aluminum gates create an aesthetically appealing pedestrian entry.

Aluminum Double Swing Gate

This style provides a wide entryway when open, and a strong barrier when closed.

Our Gates and Entry Installation Steps

From choosing materials to final assembly, your fence gate and entry installation is in good hands with our experienced fencing specialists. Get to know our install process, from start to finish:



A Top Rail Fence specialist will meet with you on-site to help you choose your gate and entry style, plus review required permits and regulations and mark boundaries with stakes and string if your gate is part of a new fence installation.



After finalizing your gate and entry plan, our team will gather material for installation including your preferred material type, hinges, latches, and any additional hardware.



With the plan and materials, our team will contact you to schedule installation of your beautiful new fence gate.



A fence specialist will start the installation process by attaching the gate boards to the frame. Then the gate’s hinges and latches are placed, and the gate is affixed to the fence opening.



After installing the gate, a fence specialist will check for proper alignment and test that the gate operates smoothly and securely.



Our job isn’t complete until you’re satisfied. After installation, we will contact you to ensure your project went smoothly and came out exactly as planned.

Gates and Entry FAQs

When you build a new fence, including a gate is a worthwhile investment for improved accessibility and security. Single gate entries are great for foot traffic into a backyard or garden. And options like driveway gates make it easier to control who enters your property. Adding a gate can transform your fence from a simple barrier to a functional part of your land.

The cost to install a fence gate will vary based on the material and time it takes to complete the project. Requesting a free estimate from Top Rail Fence is the best way to get an accurate idea of your gate cost. Plus, our experts can answer your questions about fence gate styles and functions that fit your needs.

Yes! Along with new fence installations, we offer repair services for fences on your property. You can get your repair started by talking with one of our fencing specialists.

Yes, at Top Rail Fence we offer single swing, double swing, and sliding gate options to match your wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link fencing.

Our fencing specialists at your local Top Rail Fence can install your new gate or fence entry. We serve customers across the U.S. with high-quality residential, commercial, and agricultural fencing services.

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Find Top Rail Fence Near You

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What Our Customers Say

Five stars

It was an awesome experience working with Top Rail Fence! They stayed within their quote and the quality and service was second to none. Every time I come home or leave my house I see the fence and it makes me happy that they helped me make the right choices on style.

Five stars

This company was wonderful to work with. They did a wonderful job at my home. The crew was the hardest group of folks I've seen in awhile. We highly recommend this company again! Great work guys! Very happy with their workmanship.

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