Aluminum Fence Design, Customization, and Installation

Aluminum fencing perfectly combines strength, style, and simplicity. Explore our variety of aluminum fence styles for easy maintenance and aesthetic appeal.

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Why Install an Aluminum Fence?

Why Install an Aluminum Fence?

Choosing aluminum fencing gives you the perfect blend of classic style and enduring durability. These fences not only bolster your home, business, or farmland’s security, but also amplify its worth. With their contemporary and sleek design, aluminum fences elevate curb appeal, while their low-maintenance nature ensures your property is charming as ever without extra work for upkeep.

Benefits of Aluminum Fencing

Thinking of installing a new aluminum fence for a residential, commercial, or agricultural project? Get to know the Top Rail benefits.

Minimal Maintenace

Available in tough metal designs to repel rust, rot, scratches, and damage.

Curb Appeal

Compliments any style with attractive gloss or matte aluminum fence finishes.

Climb Resistant

Enhances your property’s security with smooth posts that discourage climbing.

Safety for Kids and Pets

Creates a safe space for kids, pets, and families to enjoy.

Aluminum Fencing Types

From decorative spear top pickets to puppy pickets to prevent under-the-fence escapes by pets—we create fences that fit your needs. You choose how to customize your aluminum fence with a variety of heights, styles, and finishes.

Spear Top Picket

A variation of the classic picket with a spear top for style and security.

Smooth Top Picket

A smooth top rail is easy to grab for support in this classic picket style.

Puppy Picket

Closely spaced pickets at the base keep your small pets safe.

Smooth Top with Spear Pickets

This style features spear top pickets under a sleek upper rail.

Staggered Spear Pickets

Spear pickets at alternating heights offer a unique aesthetic.

Our Aluminum Fence Installation Steps

From choosing your style to final assembly, your aluminum fence installation is in good hands with our experienced fencing specialists. Get to know our install process, from start to finish:



A Top Rail Fence specialist will meet with you on-site to help you choose your fence style, customize materials and finishes, review required permits and regulations, and mark your new fence boundaries with stakes and string.



After finalizing your fence plan, our team will gather material for installation including aluminum fence panels, posts, rails, concrete, and hardware.



With the plan and materials, our team will contact you to schedule installation of your brand-new aluminum fence.



A fence specialist will start the installation process by spacing and marking post locations, digging post holes, placing and securing posts with concrete, and ensuring posts are aligned and even.



With the fence posts set, next we add rails and panels to bring your fence to life. A fence specialist will install rails, attach fence panels to rails, and ensure rails and panels are level and evenly spaced.



Our job isn’t complete until you’re satisfied. After installation, we will contact you to ensure your project went smoothly and came out exactly as planned.

Aluminum Fence FAQs

An aluminum fence is a great choice for residential projects due to its durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. It can resist weather conditions better than some other materials, requiring little upkeep. Plus, residential aluminum fences are available in various styles, making them an attractive addition that can boost curb appeal and property value.

Aluminum fencing can cost more than other materials upfront (like wood), but makes up for it with its durability that requires little to no maintenance. The final cost of your aluminum fence will depend on factors like the size, style, and labor it takes to complete the project. Requesting a free estimate from Top Rail Fence is the best way to get an idea of the price of your project.

When choosing a gate for your aluminum fence, you should think about consistency in look and materials. For example, if you have a spear top picket fence, try to choose a fence gate that has similar decorative elements. Double swing gates and driveway gates are good choices for vehicles or large equipment entryways, but if you only need personal entry a well-placed single swing gate may be all you need.

Yes, we offer plenty of options to customize your aluminum fence. Customize the design from traditional picket to smooth top options, choose from a variety of decorative post caps, and select from fence heights from 4’ high to 6’ to protect your property.

Yes, aluminum fences are an excellent choice for pools. Aluminum fences are a great way to create an essential safety barrier, without obstructing the view to the water. Plus, aluminum fences last longer because they are resistant to corrosion from pool chemicals and moisture.

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