Do You Need a Building Permit for a Fence?

Installing a fence for your property enhances security and adds value to your property, but also comes with many steps. One question you may have before installing a fence is, “Do I need a building permit for a fence?” Determining if you need a building permit to comply with local laws based on your state of residence is crucial.

In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of building permits specifically for fences. Additionally, we’ll dive deeper into getting a building permit for your fence installation.

Do You Need a Building Permit for a Fence?

The requirement of needing a building permit for a fence projects differs among municipalities, with some mandating it and others not. We suggest checking with your local municipality or county to determine if you need a building permit or not.

For example, areas like Rock Falls, Illinois and Littleton, Colorado do require a building permit for a fence. On the other hand, most residential zoning districts in Scottsdale, Arizona don’t need a permit for walls and fences up to 3 feet in height.

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What is a Building Permit?

A building permit is an official endorsement provided by the  government agency or, in most cases, the local building department based on the state of residence in most cases. This approval enables you or your contractor to initiate the construction or remodeling work on your property, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Why a Building Permit May Be Needed

The purpose of a building permit is to adhere to local regulations governing land use, zoning, and construction. It ensures the safety of both current and future property owners and occupants. Additionally, it serves as a mechanism for enforcing zoning and land-use policies.

If you’re planning to install a specific fence and don’t know the right height for your property yet, we’ll help you through our ultimate fence height guide.

Who Files and Pays for the Building Permit?

Either the homeowner or company/contractor can file for a building permit. It’s essential to check with the fencing company if they handle the building permit process because not all do this. Typically, it’s the homeowner who pays for the fees.

How Much Does a Building Permit Cost?

A building permit for a fencing project averages around  . Many factors are relevant to the total cost of a building permit. Some of them are property size, type of permit, fee structure, and location.

Getting a Building Permit for Your Fence Installation

Whether or not you need a permit, it’s essential to inquire through your local building office first. Remember that each local building office can have a different procedure. Here are general steps of what to expect when getting a building permit for your fence installation.

Step 1: Reach out to your local building office and provide an outline of your project. If the project requires a permit, you will receive an application form that details the requirements. Some projects may entail multiple permits, such as: a carpentry/construction permit, an electrical permit, and a plumbing permit for extensive remodeling.

Step 2: Compile the necessary information for the permit application, including additional materials like drawings or schematics, especially for construction projects.

Step 3: Submit the completed building permit application and fulfill the required fees. Upon approval, the licensing office will issue an official permit certificate.

Step 4: Display the issued building permit certificate as mandated while commencing the work, which might involve affixing it to an area near the project site.

Step 5: Schedule inspections at specific stages to ensure high-quality work throughout a project. Contact the inspection office to coordinate an inspector’s visit for a thorough review. If the inspector identifies necessary changes, address them promptly and request a follow-up inspection for further review.

Step 6: Once the work is approved by the inspector, there is no longer a need to display the permit certificate.

Step 7: Be diligent about adhering to local building codes and regulations throughout the process to ensure a smooth and compliant project.

Can I Build a Fence Without a Permit?

Homeowners often skip applying for a permit and neglect to have their fence work inspected and approved to avoid penalties. Although it’s possible and feasible to build a fence without a building permit, attempting to circumvent the official permit process is not a good practice and is highly discouraged. The potential risks of not obtaining a permit may include:

Selling Challenges: Undisclosed home renovations completed without proper permits can be discovered during a buyer’s inspection. This can prevent the sale and potentially require redoing the work with permits.

Insurance Issues: If a fire, structural collapse, or major plumbing problem is traced back to unpermitted work, your homeowner’s policy may refuse coverage, leading to potential financial burdens.

Legal Consequences: Circumventing permits endangers safety and compliance and may lead to fines and stop-work orders.

Does Top Rail Fence Provide Fence Permitting?

Top Rail Fence does not provide fence permitting. However, our fencing specialists will assist with necessary permits and regulations in your area. When planning your fence project, contact us for a free quote.

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