Does a Fence Add Value to a Home? What You Should Know 

Have you ever wondered if a fence adds value to a home? In this blog post, we’ll point out popular types of fences that influence buyers’ decisions to buy a new home. Also, you will learn how appraisers determine the value of homes with fences versus those without. Let’s explore how features like curb appeal, privacy, security, and functionality add value to your home.

Does a Fence Add Value to a Home?

Yes, a fence adds value to a home if it adds benefits such as, curb appeal, privacy, security, and added functionality. Your fence’s material, condition, and location can also affect its value. Let’s discuss each below:

Curb Appeal

To attract potential buyers, it is essential to have an attractive exterior and curb appeal. Good curb appeal is all about impressing people with your homes exterior. A nice picket or privacy fence with manicured landscaping can help boost your homes value just by looks. Real estate professionals consider curb appeal as one of the, if not the most, vital contributors to a home’s value, making up to 7% of it.

Privacy and Security

Adding a privacy fence to your property keeps nosy neighbors and pesky animals away from your garden. Residential fencing is not just about privacy; it’s also about ensuring your safety. A security fence can act as a barrier against potential security threats, making it more difficult for intruders to enter your home.

Added Functionality

Another way to boost your property’s value is by making it more valuable, like adding some gates. If a family with kids is interested in buying your home, they’d be willing to pay more to keep their children safe. The same goes for people specifically with dogs .

Millennials love their dogs. In fact, a study of new millennial homeowners discovered that 33% of them considered whether there was a durable and good-looking fence before making their decision.

Other Factors: How a Fence Influences the Appraisal Value of Your Property

While a fence can add value to a home as mentioned earlier, there are some cases where it may not necessarily increase its value when selling, according to real estate professionals. The person who gets to decide if your fence boosts your home’s value is the home appraiser. They assess your property during a sale to set a fair price. While inspecting, the appraiser looks at your fence to see if it adds or takes away value, considering its condition, neighborhood trends, and what other buyers in the location prefer.

  • Location: In terms of location, in areas like Asheville, North Carolina famously called “Dog City, USA,” having a fence is a must-have for any prospective buyer. Think about families in your area and whether this may apply.
  • Condition: For the condition of the fence, think about how much maintenance it needs. A fence that’s well taken care of will last longer and make your property look more pleasant, increasing its value. A poorly maintained fence can make potential buyers lose interest and lower your home’s value.
  • Material: Go for a fence design that’s practical and looks good to boost property value. The critical factor in raising your home’s resale value is the material used for the fence. For instance, on average a well installed and maintained wooden fence can expect to increase the property value by half its cost.
  • Trends: Having a backyard fence might not boost your home’s value much if your property is the only one in the neighborhood with it. Conversely, if every other house in the neighborhood has a backyard fence and yours doesn’t, your property’s value could be lower than the surrounding homes. A fence’s value to your home is tied to what’s trending in the neighborhood.

What Kind of Fence is Best for Property Value?

Typically, privacy fences crafted from wood or vinyl  are the kind that give your property the best value boost. These fences are often sturdy and look visually appealing, making them popular for those wanting to increase their property value.

The Verdict

A fence can be a game-changer for your home’s value, offering curb appeal, privacy, security, and functionality benefits. Your material and design choices for your fence can impact its overall desirability and market value. However, this is only true if your property meets specific criteria, such as its condition, the trends of the neighborhood, and the preferences of other buyers in the area.

Before jumping into a fence installation and contacting your fence company, take a moment to evaluate your specific needs and circumstances. Your current situation should guide your decision, ensuring that the chosen fence aligns with your lifestyle and enhances your home’s overall value.

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