How to Make a Fence Taller: By Fence Type

Elevating the height of your fence can make a real difference in your outdoor space. Whether you’re craving more privacy, seeking shade from the sun, enhancing security, or ensuring a safer environment for your pets and children, making your fence taller has its perks.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to make a fence taller, exploring the unique benefits each upgrade brings. From wooden picket fences to chain-link barriers, we’ll cover it all.

Can You Add Height to an Existing Fence?

Adding height to your existing fence is doable, and there are different ways to approach the task, including some easy DIY methods. You can extend your fence posts, add more panels, or use things like lattice, trellises, bamboo, or willow. These options not only give you the height you want but also make your outdoor space look unique. Keep reading to explore the choices.

How to Make a Fence Taller

When deciding how to make your fence taller, the first step is identifying the problem you’re addressing. Do you need added privacy, increased security, or both?

Once you’ve clarified your goal, it’s time to determine your budget. Various options exist, from more affordable heightening methods to pricier fence-raising solutions. Measure your fence and decide how much extra height you need, but be mindful of local laws regulating fence heights. Now, let’s explore different methods to achieve your desired height:

Adding Trellis

Wood fence with trellis

A trellis is a great way to infuse style into your outdoor space. These structures come in various designs, from classic lattice patterns to more intricate and decorative styles. Trellises help create a dynamic visual element for your fence. Plus, they provide an excellent framework for climbing plants like ivy or roses. This is an aesthetic and versatile solution for elevating both the look and height of your fence.

Living Fences

Living fence

Living fences, composed of plants like hedges or bamboo, not only offer added privacy but also introduce pleasant scents and refreshing shades. The ever-changing colors with the seasons add a dynamic visual appeal. Moreover, living fences contribute to the environment by providing habitats for birds and insects.

Add Extra Boards

Wood fence with extra boards

If you’re looking for a straightforward and budget-friendly method to increase fence height, adding extra boards can be your option. This DIY-friendly option allows you to customize the height precisely to your liking. You can play with different board designs, paint colors, or finishes to match your style preferences. This method provides an instant height boost and turns a simple fence into a personalized piece.

How to Make a Wooden Fence Taller

Before extending the height of your wooden fence, it’s crucial to ensure that the foundation is in good condition. If you have a partially damaged post, cutting off/replacing the affected area before proceeding with the extension would be prudent. In cases where the entire post exhibits issues, such as insect damage, replacement becomes necessary. Check our blog post to learn how to repair or replace a wooden fence.

To increase the height of a wooden fence, you’ll need a second fence post matching the width of your existing one. Begin by cutting it to the required length to reach your desired height. Then, you can use any of the following methods to connect them:

  • Metal post extenders: Link your fence posts using metal post extenders, available in either bracket or box styles. These extenders provide a sturdy and reliable connection, securely ensuring your wooden fence gains the desired height.
  • Wood fence extender: Another option is to utilize a wood fence extender, a practical solution to extend the height of your wooden fence seamlessly. This method ensures a cohesive look while effectively increasing the overall height.
  • Half-lap joint: Employ a half-lap joint as an alternative way to link your fence posts. This joint provides a strong connection and adds height without compromising the structural integrity of your wooden fence.

How to Make a Vinyl Fence Taller

There are a few proven methods to make a vinyl fence taller:

  1. Vinyl Fence Extenders
  2. Vinyl Fence Toppers
  3. Fence Extension Kits
  4. Vinyl Lattice
  5. Fence Boards & Posts

Vinyl fence extenders

Consider extending the height of your vinyl fence by adding a 2 ft extension. This straightforward method involves attaching additional vinyl panels or pickets to the existing fence, providing an instant and uncomplicated height boost.

Vinyl fence toppers

For a stylish and practical solution, explore vinyl fence toppers. These pre-designed extensions can be easily added to the upper section of your existing fence, offering a decorative element while increasing the overall height.

Vinyl lattice

Introduce vinyl lattice to your fence for added height. Attach the lattice to the top portion of your existing fence, achieving a visually appealing extension that allows for increased privacy and a more open feel.

Fence boards

Another method involves adding vinyl fence boards to the top of your existing fence. This will also contribute to the aesthetic continuity of your vinyl fence.

How to Make an Aluminum Fence Taller

Increasing the height of an aluminum fence can be more challenging than other fence types due to the material’s characteristics. However, one possible method is adding an aluminum fence topper specifically designed to be attached to the upper section of your existing aluminum fence. These toppers can come in various designs, including lattice patterns or decorative elements, seamlessly increasing the overall height while maintaining aluminum’s lightweight and durable nature.

How to Make a Chain Link Fence Taller

When seeking to increase the height of your chain link fence, there are various methods to consider that will help achieve a taller and more secure enclosure.

  1. Install Fence Post Extenders
  2. Use New Line Posts
  3. Add Fabric
  4. Add Welded Wire

1. Install fence post extenders.

One straightforward method to add height to your chain link fence involves the installation of fence post extenders. These extenders are attached to the existing fence posts, providing a stable foundation for additional fencing material, instantly increasing the overall height.

2. Use new line posts.

Opting for PVC or new line posts is another effective way to extend the height of your chain link fence. By securely attaching these posts to the existing ones, you can create a taller framework that maintains durability while meeting your specific height requirements.

3. Add fabric

Consider adding fabric to the top of your chain link fence. This can be achieved by attaching a strip of privacy fabric or mesh to the upper section of the fence, offering an instant height boost. To support the fabric securely, use methods such as zip ties or wire fasteners directly on the existing fence, install small fence post extenders for added stability, or secure PVC pipes horizontally on top of the existing fence posts.

4. Add welded wire

Enhance both height and security by adding welded wire to the top of your chain link fence. This method involves securing a layer of welded wire fencing onto the existing structure. To support the welded wire, use zip ties or wire fasteners to attach it securely to the existing fence posts. Ensure that the fasteners are tightly secured at regular intervals along the top of the fence, providing stability and preventing sagging.

How to Make a Fence Taller for Privacy

If you want more privacy in your yard, maybe for some quiet time or to enjoy your space without prying eyes, there are different ways to make your fence taller. We also have a great blog post on types of privacy fences.

  • Extending standard fence: Consider raising the height of a standard fence by attaching additional fencing material, such as bamboo or lattice, to the top.
  • Add a screen to the fence: You can install privacy screens directly onto your fence, creating a barrier that shields your yard from unwanted views while offering an aesthetic touch.
  • Extend raised bed posts: For a functional solution that uses greenery, extend the posts of raised garden beds along the fence line, adding height and a touch of nature.
  • Add a trellis: Attaching a trellis to your existing fence will provide extra height and a framework for climbing plants, enhancing both privacy and visual appeal.
  • Attach a fence topper: Enhance privacy by attaching additional boards or a fence topper, creating a more substantial barrier without requiring a complete fence replacement.
  • Hang a privacy screen: A privacy screen can be hung directly on your fence, offering a versatile and easily adjustable solution to meet your privacy needs.
  • Add a freestanding tall trellis: You can install a freestanding tall trellis along the fence line to act as a decorative element and an effective privacy screen, adding height while maintaining a stylish outdoor space.

How Can I Make My Fence Higher for Cheap?

If you wish to increase the height of your fence cheaply, one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods is to add extra boards. This budget-friendly approach involves purchasing additional fence panels, cutting them to the appropriate sizes, and crafting extra boards. With some DIY spirit and a few materials, you can achieve a taller fence that suits your budget and enhances your yard’s privacy and security.

Can You Make a Fence Post Taller?

Yes, you can make a wood fence post taller. The process involves careful measurement, cutting, preparation, attachment of extensions, securing the connections, and setting the extended posts in concrete. With the right tools and materials, making fence posts taller is an achievable DIY project, as shown in the following section.

How to Extend Wood Fence Post Height

With the following DIY steps, you can adjust your fence posts to your desired height. Let’s begin and make your outdoor space even better!

  1. Measure: Find out how much taller you want your fence. Measure and mark that height on your existing fence posts as a guide.
  2. Cut: Use a saw or reciprocating saw to cut the new fence posts to the height you marked earlier.
  3. Check: Make sure the top part of your existing fence posts is clean. This helps the new parts stick better.
  4. Apply adhesive and brackets: Put construction adhesive or wood glue on each fence post. Then, place the cut extensions on top and press them down firmly to make them stick well. Use support brackets or connectors to strengthen the connection between the existing fence posts and the extensions.
  5. Add Additional panels/wood: Extend the fence further by attaching additional panels or wood to the area where you extended the posts. This step ensures there is no space at the bottom of the fence or bare poles extending above the top of the fence. Secure the panels or wood using screws for a sturdy and cohesive extension.
  6. Finish: Make your fence extension look nice by adding finishing touches. You can use fence post caps to protect the tops and paint or stain the fence to match the rest.


The quest to make your fence taller opens up a significant opportunity to enhance your outdoor space. Whether you seek increased privacy, improved security, or a fresh aesthetic, there are practical solutions, from DIY projects to more professional ideas. Take the time to assess your needs, explore the diverse methods available, and find the best alternative for you.

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